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The Biblical Christianity Review has been put on hold for the time being.
Please enjoy Volume 1, Number 1 and check back for updates.
Thank you, The Editor.


Theme: Jesus Christ of Nazareth

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Volume 1, Number 1 (925KB), Version 1.0, posted October 1, 2004

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Full TextPDF (202KB)Editorial - Welcome to the Biblical Christianity Review
Full TextPDF (233KB)Editorial - Whose Truth, Indeed?
Full TextPDF (221KB)The Historical JesusBrandon Coats
Full TextPDF (391KB)Jesus, The Way of SalvationMichael Golwitzer
Full TextPDF (214KB)Jesus, Our Lord and SaviorLarry Bailey
Full TextPDF (228KB)Jesus, Our Superior PriestCharles Coats
Full TextPDF (254KB)The Deity and Humanity of ChristEric Strother
Full TextPDF (251KB)False Ideas About JesusTodd Mikula
Full TextPDF (222KB)The Love of JesusMark Aites
Articles Written by Women
Full TextPDF (290KB)Jesus, Our SacrificeLisa R. Reeves
Book Review
Full TextPDF (259KB)More Than A Carpenter by Josh McDowellJohn J. Natiw
Closing Matters
Full TextPDF (205KB)One Last Thing
Full TextPDF (59KB)Notes on Contributors
Full TextPDF (13KB)Announcements
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