Church of Christ-West

About the Church of Christ-West

A Concise History
  • Congregation Founded - January 1999
  • First Service in Spring Street Building - May 2001
  • Current Minister Hired - June 2001
  • Elders Appointed - March 2002
  • Web Site Launched - May 2002
  • Michigan Bible School Formed - November 2002
  • Deacons Appointed - December 2002
  • MBS Pilot semester - January 2003
  • Michigan Bible School on line - February 2003
  • Became a supporting congregation of the annual Michigan Bible Lectureship (George Beals - Director)
  • First Official MBS Semester Begins - September 2003
  • Second MBS Instructor added - September 2003
  • Biblical Christianity Review established - March 2004
  • Third MBS Instructor added - March 2004
  • Biblical Christianity Review on line - October 2004
What We Believe
  • We believe that the Bible is the all-sufficient, inspired Word of God
  • We believe that it is possible to go back to the pure teachings and worship of the New Testament Church, using only the Bible, not human creeds and doctrines
  • We believe that the Church is to be supported by the freewill offering of Christians upon the first day of the week, not by the Old Testament practice of tithing, or by solicitation of visitors
What to Expect When You Visit the Church of Christ - West
  • Worship Service in accordance with the New Testament example
  • Biblically centered preaching and teaching
  • Imperfect, loving Christians trying to do God's will under the oversight of our eldership
  • Weekly observance of the Lord's supper (upon the first day of the week)
  • Acapella songs of praise in accordance with the divine commandments
  • An excited group of young people (not a "youth group") involved in the work of the congregation, who love to help and serve others
  • A friendly and supportive atmosphere, conducive to Christian service, fellowship and growth